Business Development

Sales and Marketing

Assistance to Defence and Security clients to achieve a foothold in their target to identify routes to market and gain sales momentum:

  • Define the opportunities within Defence and Security for systems and equipment;
  • Bring tempo and focus to the sales process;
  • Liaise with end users and identify capability gaps;
  • Network access for the sales team;
  • Improve customer knowledge through targeted marketing campaigns;
  • Facilitate meetings and demonstrations with the key decision makers and influencers;
  • Increased sales activity, and Increased market coverage;
  • Targeted Activities towards increasing sales, and achieving targets.

Products, Commercial & Corporate

Product disruptive and incremental development; Commercial business development:

  • Prospection of new customers in new segments, markets, or territories;
  • Channel and sales organization setup, and can consist of sourcing, and recruiting partners, like agents, distributors, licensees, resellers, franchisees;
  • Establishment of national or international subsidiaries;
  • Commercial business development of the value chain, developing the whole product offering.

Corporate Business Development:

This level of business development is about mergers & acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JV), direct equity investment (DEI) and establishing strong strategic alliances. It deals with business portfolio analysis, finance, contract law, change management, culture management…